C4 integrated security system

C4 It is an integrated security system that provides a centralized, multi-user solution for building security management. Due to the open modular system, it is possible to configure the installation according to your requirements - from simple monitoring systems for one building to reliable solutions for large enterprises to monitor different security devices in several buildings, regardless of the distance between them. C4 is also constantly evolving, creating and supporting the most innovative, integrated security software solutions, enabling customers to better protect and manage their people, property and assets.

Details about C4

C4 provides a software platform that integrates all security devices from access control, intrusion detection and fire protection to camera systems and operational data in one common view; compatible and timely

C4 provides users with a wide range of tools for:

  • centralized management of security systems
    visualization and monitoring
    process automation
    analysis and assessment of information about security systems
    central identity management
    support of anti-crisis management

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C4 Variations

C4 Integrated Security System software is available in several editions to meet the needs of users in large enterprises. Companies with different needs have different needs. Each version is based on the same software, which provides excellent stability, functionality and flexibility. There is an easy way to upgrade to versions with more features.

  • OEM
  • Standard
  • Advanced


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Fields of C4 application

Each one implements its own complexity to ensure the intervention of the security system on each alarm. Improved visibility into system data increases the potential for both human and software analysis of building performance. Providing corrective action enables optimal performance to be maintained for greater environmental comfort, safety and reliability.

  • Office buildings
  • Industrial centers
    Store chains
    Security agencies
    Транспортні компанії

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