Centurion Ltd Центуріон specializes in object design. Among the services provided by the company in the field of design, the development of a finished project of a security system and engineering networks is far from the only one. The company's specialists will help not only with design, but also modernize the existing security system using the latest technologies and the latest models of equipment.

Security and technological video surveillance systems

Access control and security alarm

Structured cable systems and network active equipment


Perimeter protection

Control of cash transactions

Control of cash transactions License plate recognition and vehicle registration

Communication systems and intercom

Public address and notification systems

Uninterruptible power supply systems

Public address and notification systems

When we talk about enterprise security and engineering networks, we are talking about multiple security systems installed at a given facility. In addition, the person (or team) who maintains these systems and controls their operation is also directly related to the provision of reliable protection of the facility. All this together is called "complex security system".

If necessary, our designers are ready to conduct a technical examination of the finished project, optimize it and help you make the right decision.

During the design process, our company's specialists are always guided by the specific situation and wishes of each client

Therefore, various options are possible: from a one-time complex solution of all tasks to the phased commissioning of several security systems, during which there is a gradual increase and expansion of the capabilities of the current system

According to your technical task, our designers will prepare for you:

  • technical and commercial offer (includes equipment specification, its quantity and prices);
    structural diagram (reflects the generalized nature of the functional interaction of individual components of the system without indicating the electrical connections between the devices of the system);
  • the project - stage "P" (includes the specification of equipment, products and materials, a structural diagram of the location of the equipment at the facility, routes for laying cable lines and the cable-carrying system (CCS), an explanatory note);
    the project of the "R" stage (ready for installation work and, in addition to the listed schemes in the "P" stage, includes a cable magazine (cable lengths and cross-sections) and a basic electrical diagram).

If necessary, our design department can carry out an examination of an existing project of stage "P", as well as rework existing projects of stage "P" and stage "R".

Крім того, наші фахівці завжди готові надати інформаційно-технічну підтримку вашим проектувальникам з пріоритетних брендів, що включає консультації з нормативної бази проектування, технічні консультації з використання обладнання.