Notification and intercom systems

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An industrial enterprise (plant, mine, GZK) or an infrastructure object (airport, station, port) is a complex multidisciplinary object, which is concentrated on a site that is different in terms of its functionality and set of systems. But there are elements without which the production process is impossible. Communication and notification systems, together with production management, security, and dispatching systems, ensure the continuity, safety, and productivity of technological processes.

Effective and secure enterprise management always requires reliable and high-quality communication tools. STENTOFON The Norwegian company's line Zenitel The Norwegian company's line of equipment is specially designed to meet the highest requirements of factory owners, managers, staff and visitors. STENTOFON The intercom system is designed to work in the most severe conditions with extreme temperatures, high pollution, noise and mechanical influences

Why Stentofon?

  • Do you need communication in harsh environments?
    Ви не чуєте співрозмовника через високий рівень шуму?
    Ви шукаєте вибухобезпечні переговорні пристрої?

If you answered "yes" to at least one question, you should consider using STENTOFON equipment in your enterprise.
The industrial communication system STENTOFON combines both analog stations and digital IP, which allows flexible selection of the system to meet the requirements of any facility STENTOFON are:

  • Version up to IP67
    Speaker power up to 10W
    10WSound pressure up to 110db
    Crystal clear sound and active noise reduction
    POE or 12/24 V Power
    SIP support
    Availability of signal inputs and relay outputs of the "dry contact"
    Explosion-proof design
    It can be used for both intercom and voicing

System structure

For a small network, Zenitel releases the Stentofon Pulse solutionThe Stentofon Pulse serverless system offers exceptional audio quality and many features and functions of the older Alphacom system. The IP-based system allows you to use your existing IP network infrastructure AlphaComAlphacom system. The IP-based system allows you to use your existing IP network infrastructure.It uses available standards, including SIP, HTTP and XML, which makes it easier to extend and integrate with third-party systems Stentofon Pulse works with all Stentofon intercom IP stations, including special-purpose stations that are suitable for all operating conditions For a large enterprise, the intercom and notification system is built on the basis of special switching servers of the AlphaCom  Alphacomseries that allow processing up to 552 IP connections per server, including 138 analog stations, and the number of servers in the network is limited only by network capacity

The Alphacom server-based communication system is designed to provide fast, hands-free and direct communication with many functions (call request, forced transmission of messages to multiple stations, paging, group call, conference call, emergency call), as well as advanced call management, such as Call priority management.In addition to the above functions, the system supports recording all conversations, a powerful device for analytical functions (recognition of shots, car alarms, aggressive screams, etc.) with the ability to notify the dispatch center, and even integration with security systems, such as Schneider Electric, and others

Integration allows you to provide high-quality two-way communication along with a video picture from cameras, audio communication for access control and management systems and fire alarm systems, as well as audio support for technological processes when integrating with dispatching and production management systems.Integration with trunking communication systems allows you to expand the coverage of a single network to the entire territory of the enterprise.

To access external communication channels, the Alphacom system can be integrated with enterprise iPBX networks based on the CISCO, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya core, etc.or


Easy to use

In a comprehensive security or production management system, Stentofon equipment provides the ability to monitor the situation and helps provide immediate support in the event of an accident. In the event of an unforeseen event, eyewitnesses can immediately contact the operator of the central dispatch service to report the situation or send a message to the security services.

All Stentofon calls have quick call buttons, so the subscriber does not need to know the required number, which is very often difficult to remember in case of an emergency.