Perimeter security systems

The main purpose of perimeter protection is to identify the intruder on the border of the protected area in order to respond in a timely and effective manner. This allows you to prevent more damage and detect the intruder inside the protected object

Navtech Radar Radar is a system that works in all weather and light conditions, with extremely accurate resolution-less than 15 cm compared to 3 M for some longer range radars.Detection using the drone's built-in camera.The system will automatically direct the drone to an object identified by the radar, providing a more accurate visual explanation of what caused the alarm.








Peridect +(Sieza) Peridect +(Sieza) is a perimeter security system with accurate identification of the intrusion site and a minimum number of false positives thanks to a unique assessment system using the principles of differential logic The Peridect+ system is used to determine the location and method of invasion of a protected area. Система Peridect+ служить для визначення місця і способу вторгнення на територію, що охороняється.

Centurion Ltd “Центуріон” offers Navtech Radar and Peridect+perimeter security systems. Navtech Radar і Peridect+.