Equipment for STid access control systems

STid, a leading manufacturer of instinctive, contactless security technologies, delivers solutions with a high degree of security, approved by independent certification bodies.

STid invented the concept of Instinctive Security in 1996, reviewing the ways how organizations can protect their people, property and data with the most intuitive RFID-based access control readers on the market. Since 1996, the company's mission has been to help safety directors overcome all of their managerial and operational barriers that previously limited their effectiveness.

With end-user acceptance as a key factor, Stid has invented the smoothest, easiest and most intuitive way of identification available worldwide.

As every industry is in constant development, the products are modular and scalable, easily updated and new features are added. Saving time and money. Because no one company should ever be held hostage by technology or suppliers, Stid solutions are based on ergonomic management tools and open technologies.



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